September 30: Video of Justin and Kendall Jenner at Ferdi Restaurant in Paris, France.

Blue Ocean Floor

Frequency’s so low
Heart on a string
A string that only plays solos
Rain made of echoes
Tidal wave rushing on and on

Under the water you scream so loud but the silence surrounds you
But I hear it loud and you fall in the deep and I’ll always find you
If my red eyes don’t see you anymore
And I can’t hear you through the

Some people

I dont know why some people just cant be nice to other people…dont u know how to talk properly as an adult to another adult? Why do u hate so much? I can see it in yer face…u hv so much problems in yer life, i know! But u are not the only one who has problems okay!??? And for u to treat me like that in front of other people is just unacceptable…but still i forgive u…i dont hate u…i really dont